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  • Energie Biogas Consulting Redekon
Redekon Biogas Consulting Planung

"Our core competence is the development and implementation of bioenergy projects, that work as well economically as technically and take regional conditions into consideration".

Biogas Consulting Recycling Energie

"We always keep a trustful and honest collaboration, based on partnership!"

Your partner for economical and sustainable projects

As a global company, we are very aware of the responsibility for future generations. A life as before, at the expense of descendants, is no longer appropriate. Technical solutions help to generate energy and recyclable materials from renewable resources (solar, wind, biomass) and by human derived resources (waste and residues). Therefore, the stress is reduced for our environment and the standard of living will increase, especially in developing regions.

Our Approach

Rethinking is required in our actions, to ensure habitats remain liveable in the future. Sustainable projects should also be economically viable and sustainable in their overall assessment in the highest degree. We develop regional, decentralised energy sources in various generation forms. In addition to solar and wind power, which are only limited storable so far, bioenergy is the focus of our work, because biogas / biomethane is easily storable and transportable as well. Moreover the daily amounts of household waste and the content of landfills provide a source for sustainable energy generation.

Our Work

In addition to classic project development on our own, we also develop sustainable and efficient projects for our customers on contract. We also support our customers with expertise on point or as companions and guides for the period of project development, from the initial idea to the successful continuous operation. We train intensively the operating personnel on site the power generation plant, so that the long-term operation is ensured by local forces. We advise the management in decision-making, frame parameters and choosing the right course in energy.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and experts. Through our comprehensive experience and expertise we face successfully since several years new challenges, the steadily and rapidly growing demands on technology, efficiency, economy, humanity and acceptance.

Our independence

Our customers benefit from our independence whilst taking into account given structures and conditions, complementing with future-proof and cost-conscious solutions, and thus act solely in the interests of our customers. Our experienced action, combined with the savings in time and resources, we contribute to the success of our customers.

We gladly represent to you our way of work in a personal conversation.


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