• Energie Biogas Consulting Redekon
  • Energie Biogas Consulting Redekon

We are convinced, that energy production projects
have more impacts in their regions,
as regarded in projects so far.

Consideration to regional specifics and integration of regional forces, we give preference in the project development of new sites. Acceptance of renewable energies by the citizens, the municipal and the concerned federations is only possible, if the regional creation of value is kept up, or enhanced.

The goes progress off from centralised, transregional supply to decentralised energy production, combined with preferably regional supply.The development of renewable energy sources is a complex task. Embed all regional issues and integrate all regional forces is an even more complex task. We take this demanding challenge, because we are convinced, that only a fair, open communicated team work will bring the success, following the motto:

FROM the region - FOR the region - WITH the region

Only sustainable projects will deliver a stable profit, both, energetic and financial. We are convinced, that also your and our grandchildren should have affordable energy available and this from safe renewable enrgy sources!

If you share our opinion to jointly lead a project to successful reality, we are looking forward to your approach.