• Energie Biogas Consulting Redekon
  • Energie Biogas Consulting Redekon

What can we do for you?

If your project is about a power generation plant in in renewable energies (Biogas, Biomethane, Solar, Wind etc.) or is about utilisation possibillities of sewage sludge or biological waste, we are your competent partner.

Besides target-orientet procedure we keep humankind in mind. Only a full view leads to sustainable success. Our services in seperated in part services:

redekon engineering

  •     Detailing technical solutions
  •     Issuing of plans
  •     Permission planning and management
  •     Tender and award
  •     Technical optimisation for existing power generation facilities
  •     Technical review of system designs at the planning stage
  •     Weakness analysis for planned investments

redekon operations

  •     Interim management
  •     Commissioning
  •     Performance tests
  •     Operational optimisation of existing plants
  •     Process optimisation
  •     Resolution of biological process inhibitions
  •     Biological support to improve performance
  •     Staff training
  •     Start-up planning

redekon project management / site management

  •     Project management for the entire project
  •     Project communication
  •     Public Relations / Moderation
  •     Construction consulting, construction supervision
  •     Construction management in the execution of construction work
  •     Representing the interests of the principal
  •     Cost management / cost control
  •     Claim Management
  •     Project support from the idea to continuous operation

redekon consulting

  •     Concept development
  •     Concept review and optimisation proposals, feasibility study
  •     Project development on contract
  •     Site Development
  •     commodity supply
  •     Economic Evaluation / business plan
  •     Technical concept evaluation for banks/investors
  •     Financing accompaniment
  •     Investor placement
  •     vendor-independent consulting
  •     Renewable Energy
  •     Waste Management and Logistics
  •     Sustainable concepts
  •     Waste usage
  •     Feasibility studies for banks and financial institutions, developers,
        governments and public agencies
  •     Management consulting
  •     Care of foreign investors who want to invest in Germany
  •     Assessment of properties for sale

In addition, we are also open for new challenges in order to work on an optimised solution for the success of your investment.

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